Mrs Patricia (part two)

The morning after I woke up with an inviting smell of coffee but what I saw scared me out of hell: Mrs Patricia was standing in front of the fireplace, but her feet didn't touch the floor: she was suspended on air, her back on me, so she couldn't see the terror on my face. When she started to turn, I pretended to sleep. After some seconds, I found the courage to open my eyes again to discover that she had disappeared. I started to swear. Chris was quietly snoring. I could see the pacific movement of his breast. I wanted to wake him up and tell him what I had just seen, but he wouldn't believe me! Who would? Me neither!
Some steps outside made me jump. Steps on the snow. Then a shadow passed behind the window's curtains.
I soon stood up, wore my coat and boots and rushed outside: there was no one. During the night a metre of snow had fallen. I could not see any more the way which linked to the provincial road to Aosta. It seemed we were isolated from the rest of the world.
I had insisted to have that damned romantic weekend. Chris had warned me: “it's too cold and snowy”, but I was determined. It was only the fault of my jealousy. Recently, Chris seemed too detached, thoughtful, cold, far away. I was afraid that one of his previous girlfriends had showed up or... worse, a new flame!
I suddenly remembered my mother's wise words: “never too rich, never too handsome”. She was right. But I loved him so much! And not only for his beauty. I simply could not explain.
-Good morning!-
If I didn't have an heart attack in that precise moment, I would have never in the rest of my life! Mrs Patricia was under the door with a smoking cup of coffee. I tried to seem normal and followed her into the small kitchen. Chris was still sleeping. I hated him!
-Did you sleep well?- she asked me.
-Yes thanks.-
We sat at the table sipping our coffees.
She was exactly as the night before: same dress, same make up, same hairdo, as if she hadn't sleep. But I had another issue more urgent to solve.
-It snowed a lot tonight, but we need to go back home as soon as possible. Could you give us some petrol? We can pay of course.-
Mrs Patricia looked at me with no expression on her face. Then showed a mechanical sorrow: -I'm sorry, but I have no car.-
-Excuse me but, how can you live here without a mobile phone, without an Internet connection, without a car, and even a dog to...-
-To what?-
-To protect yourself...- she looked at me as if I was saying something absurd.
-There would be no reason. There are no dangerous people here.-
-Ok. I agree, but, we must go.-
-Maybe it's better to wait for your fiancé's awakening.-
-I'll provide soon.-
I left half coffee in my cup and rushed into the sitting room where Chris was sleeping, or where he should have. His armchair was empty and the plaid well folded. Maybe he was in the bathroom. I knocked at the door.
No answer.
-Chris!- I shouted. No answer again. I opened the door slowly. The bathroom was in perfect order and empty. When I turned I found Mrs Patricia right in front of me. I jumped and cried for the scare.
-Where is Chris?- I whispered. I read in her eyes that she knew it.
(To be continued)


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